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Work Management

Marketers are expected to deliver world-class branding, advertising, content, and programs that generate leads and drive sales.

With multiple teams and numerous work

involved in meeting these deliverables, it’s a heavy project in itself to coordinate and track management tasks across all touchpoints. And often, that project isn’t given the attention it desperately needs, resulting in a lack of visibility and coordination, which can lead to missed deadlines and impact your bottom line revenue.

Optimizing the Way You Work

Smartempo partners with Workfront, the leading work management solution, to optimize work processes, so you can give your full attention to the task at hand. We can help you streamline your marketing operations by creating an operational system of record for managing your marketing projects from idea to execution. Whatever piece of content or campaign you’re working on, we’ll make sure it’s integrated with the necessary technologies, is visible to the right people, and is placed strategically in the workflow.

Smartempo & Workfront

As a certified Workfront partner, Smartempo has in-depth expertise to implement, integrate, and provide ongoing support for work management solutions using this platform.

We understand your projects and goals and create a customized workflow in Workfront to help you prioritize and manage both internal and external projects and create synergy across the team.

Smartempo & Workfront
Smartempo manages your business processes in Workfront

Smartempo manages your business processes in Workfront

  • Map out your business workflow and marketing campaigns from start to finish
  • Simplify the way you share documents, track issues, and collaborate with team members


  • ​​​​​​Streamline work requests
  • Create dashboards and reports that provide valuable insights
  • Integrate work management processes with your technology investments using Workfront Fusion